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Defence Minister urges against spreading false allegations

23 April 2019, MVT 11:07
Minister of Defence and National Security Mariya Ahmed Didi. PHOTO: MIHAARU
23 April 2019, MVT 11:07

Minister of Defence and National Security Mariya Ahmed Didi on Monday called on the public to refrain from leveling accusations against individuals on social media, but rather to provide any information on wrongdoings to the relevant authorities.

The National Security Minister declared that public shaming people who commit illicit activities, by circulating their photos on social media may pave the way for societal turmoil and unrest. She stated that reporting to relevant institutions instead would be a better approach.

Mariya criticised public shaming on social media with photos as a ‘…wasteful activity’, as she said, “Sometimes, there are photos of people who look like the perpetrator uploaded to social media. I am advising not to partake in this conduct”.

Tweet by Defence Minister Mariya Ahmed Didi.

She declared that all security authorities of Maldives are fully prepared to ensure the safety and protection of citizens.

In light of the brutal acts of terrorism that occurred on Sunday in neighbouring Sri Lanka, the Defence Minister on social media called on the public to be vigilant, and refrain from spreading false information. This was in response to the public debate ongoing on social media.

The Sri Lankan administration stopped the provision of social media services in its country as a countermeasure to prevent false information from spreading.

Maldives National Defence Force and Maldives Police Service on Sunday held a press conference to announced heightened security in the Maldives following the Sri Lanka attacks. The conference included Chief of Defence Force Abdulla Shamaal and Commissioner of Police Mohamed Hameed.

Hameed warned that action will be taken against anyone that encouraged acts of terrorism, on social media.

Over 300 are now known to have died and further 500 were injured in a series of bomb blasts that tore through churches and luxury hotels in Sri Lanka, in the worst violence to hit the island since its devastating civil war ended a decade ago. The authorities have made 40 arrests so far in connection to the attacks.