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Two important human rights conventions unsigned by Maldives: CSC

11 December 2018, MVT 09:26
Civil Service Commission (CSC) President Dr. Ali Shameem addresses a conference. PHOTO: MIHAARU
11 December 2018, MVT 09:26

The President of the Civil Service Commission (CSC) Dr. Ali Shameem, on Monday, expressed his concern regarding two human rights conventions that were left unsigned by the government of Maldives; one based on the rights of expatriates in Maldives and the other the 'International Convention for the Protection of All Persons from Enforced Disappearance'.

Speaking at the event celebrating International Human Rights Day held by the Human Rights Commission of Maldives (HRCM), Shameem highlighted that Maldives failed to sign the two conventions, urging the new administration to remedy the decision.

“I am calling for the government of Maldives to sign the two conventions at this special event today,” said the former member of HRCM, Shameem.

Currently, Maldives is a party to all the human rights conventions barring the two mentioned above.

Shameem advocated for the immediate enforcement of the Human Rights Actions Plan, pointing out that it has lain dormant for years since its initial formulation.

Highlighting the lack of attention the parliament has afforded to efforts made by the human rights watchdog, he spoke of the annual report on human rights that HRCM has unfailingly published for 15 years. However, according to Shameem, the parliament is yet to raise the matter in any session. Shameem stated that unlike Maldives, in developed countries, there is a special Human Rights Committee to head such discussions.

“There needs to be a special Human Rights Act in Maldives,” said Shameem. “Protection of human rights laws should not simply be left in the hands of the government and HRCM”.

On that note, Shameem, also recognized that Maldives has become a leading example of human rights law in the world.

Shameem has represented Maldives by serving as a member of the Human Rights Council of the United Nations (UN).