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Over 40,000 trees planted on Wednesday alone

Malika Shahid
06 June 2024, MVT 21:57
A Waste Management Corporation Limited (WAMCO) staff plants a tree under the 5 Million Trees Plantation Program -- Photo: WAMCO
Malika Shahid
06 June 2024, MVT 21:57

Under the 5 Million Trees Plantation Program inaugurated by President Dr Mohamed Muizzu, over 40,000 trees were planted on Wednesday alone.

The initiative was announced by the President at the COP28 conference last year.

According to the Ministry of Climate Change, Environment, and Energy, more than 40,000 trees were planted yesterday in activities conducted by island councils, resorts, schools, and private sector organizations in inhabited islands across the Maldives.

Tree planting in Kudagiri island under the 5 Million Trees Plantation Program -- Photo: HDC

The program aims to make the Maldives a greener environment, for increased vigilance in the face of threats posed by climate change and is a presidential pledge of President Muizzu.

The 5 Million Trees Plantation Program was launched at the Lonuziyaaraiy Park on Wednesday, on the occasion of World Environment Day. The trees planted are varieties that are seen in the Maldives' environment, but are at risk of extinction. A collection of 22 types of trees including fruit trees, shade trees, flowering trees and trees used in traditional Dhivehi medicine were planted yesterday.

Maldives Ports Limited (MPL) staff planting trees under the 5 Million Trees Plantation Program -- Photo: MPL

Accompanying the President at the ceremony were First Lady Sajidha Mohamed, as well as Vice President Hussain Mohamed Latheef and wife. Speaker of Parliament Abdul Raheem Abdulla, Male' Mayor Adam Azim, Cabinet Ministers and other senior State officials also attended the ceremony.

The Minister of Climate Change, Environment and Energy Thoriq Ibrahim said that in these five years, the government will plant over 90 varieties of trees across the Maldives. These plants will be monitored, and carbon sequestration will be measured.