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Rihan breaks 100 meters butterfly record twice in one day

Rihan has broken the record in the 100 meters butterfly race twice in a single day with an initial time of 1 minute, 00.73 seconds and a second time of 1 minute, 0.14 seconds.

Aishath Shuba Solih
26 May 2024, MVT 14:06
Mohamed Rihan Shiham.
Aishath Shuba Solih
26 May 2024, MVT 14:06

National team's swimmer, Mohamed Rihan Shiham, has broken the 100 meters butterfly record twice in a single day.

Not much time had passed between the first and second record he made yesterday during the 66th Open Swimming Championship ongoing in Malaysia. Rihan renewed the record set during the heat round on Saturday morning for a second time in the afternoon after completing the Final C race with a time of 1 minute and 0.14 seconds.

This new record was timed 0.61 seconds less than the first record made during the heat round. Rihan had finished the heat race in 1 minute 00.73 seconds.

Rihan had earlier held the men's butterfly record prior to this event.

Mohamed Rihan Shiham during a practice swim.

He had made this record time while competing in the 11th Asian Age Group Championships held in Malaysia this year, finishing the race in 1 minute and 1.60 seconds.

Rihan had also broken the record for the Malaysia Open Championship's freestyle 1000 meter record. This record was held by Mubal Azzam Ibrahim up until last Thursday.

The record set by Mubal during the Asian Games 2018 held in Indonesia with a time of 19 minutes and 26.4 seconds was renewed by Rihan on Thursday with a record of 18 minutes and 3.57 seconds.

Mohamed Rihan Shiham preparing for a practice swim.

Rihan also broke the men's 200 meters individual medley record previously held by Mubal while competing in an event of the championships held in Malaysia with a time of 2 minutes and 22.07 seconds. Mubal had set the previous record during the Commonwealth Games in 2022 with a time of 2 minutes and 23.69 seconds. With the event held today, Rihan has now advanced to the final C.

Mohamed Aan Hussain, who is also competing in the Malaysia Open Championship, broke the 100-meter freestyle record.

Before the record was broken last Thursday, this record was held by Aan himself. The time he recorded during the Asian Age Group Championships after finishing the race in 55.11 seconds was broken once again with a time of 46.54 seconds.

With the record set in the heat round, Rihan also advanced to the Final C of the competition. He finished the race in 54.75 seconds during this round.

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