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Parliament approves PCB President Ageel alongside five more members

Parliament has approved the nomination of Hamdhy Ageel to the role of PCB President alongside the membership of five more individuals. The nomination of these appointees was passed unanimously.

Aishath Shuba Solih
13 May 2024, MVT 19:34
President of the Privatization & Corporatization Board (PCB), Hamdhy Ageel.
Aishath Shuba Solih
13 May 2024, MVT 19:34

Parliament has given approval to Hamdhy Ageel nominated to assume the position of President of the Privatization & Corporatization Board (PCB), alongside five additional members.

The polling to elect Hamdhy into the position of PCB President held during today's parliament sitting was passed with the unanimous votes of the 47 members in attendance.

Nominees given approval to become PCB Members:

1. Mohamed Azad

2. Leena Abdul Jaleel

3. Moosa Fathuhee Adam

4. Ahmed Nashath

5. Hassan Zareer

While separate polls were requested for each member elected into PCB, no negative votes were given.

The nominee appointed as the President of PCB, Hamdhy Ageel had formerly served in multiple notable roles such as the Managing Director of Fuel Supply Maldives (FSM) and Managing Director of Road Development Corporation (RDC). Hamdhy holds a masters education in commerce awarded by the Curtin University of Australia.

Moosa Fathuhee Adam, newly instated as a PCB member, had contested for the Komandoo Constituency in the 2022 parliamentary elections under PPM's ticket. He is also presently serving as the Minister of State for Cities, Local Government and Public Works.

Another new appointee, Leena Abdul Jaleel had previously filled managerial level positions at Maldives Monetary Authority (MMA). She was also the CEO of Business Center Corporation (BCC) which operates under the management of Ministry of Economic Development and Trade.

PCB is the institution which appoints board members into State Owned Enterprises (SEOs). The Constitution stipulates that the quorum of the PCB board is a minimum of five members. There are currently seven members at the PCB.