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Concerns arise due to dismantling of Vilimale' ‘Save the Beach’ headquarters

A non-profit organization striving for environmental rights, 'Save the Beach' stated that Male City Council began dismantling their headquarters built in land assigned to them without any prior warning or notice to vacate the building.

Aishath Shuba Solih
14 April 2024, MVT 18:41
Kaafu atoll Vilingili.
Aishath Shuba Solih
14 April 2024, MVT 18:41

Concerns have surfaced due to Male’ City Council proceeding to dismantle the headquarters of ‘Save the Beach’ - a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) working as environmental activists - built on land allocated to them.

During a press statement released by Save the Beach on Saturday, they revealed that the City Council had on Friday begun efforts to demolish their headquarters established on the Vilimale’ land assigned to them without any prior notice. They further declared that their headquarters were built on land conferred to them through a contract delivered in 2012 to clean up the island’s beaches.

They asserted that despite the ruling by Civil Court stating that the Council had halted the NGO's operations on the land in violation of the contract, they did not provide a suitable remedy for the issue. Hence, the organization has since lodged the case at the High Court.

The organization said that however, demolition work on their headquarters was begun before the hearing of the case was scheduled without having given any prior notice to vacate the building.

Save the Beach also declared that the Council has not shared with the organization any details on their plans for cleaning and maintaining the Vilimale’ beach.

While Waste Management Corporation Limited (WAMCO) is tasked with cleaning the waste disposed at the beach twice a week, the garbage discarded by travelers and picknickers are mostly cleared by the organization. Save the Beach has also placed 40 dustbins in three regions managed by them and assumes the role of clearing these bins every day as well.

Estimations of the Organization predict that over 6 kilograms of garbage is discarded over the Vilimale’ beach daily.

Mayor of Male’ City Council, Adam Azim declined from commenting on the matter, stating that it is of a legal nature. He, however, assured that the Council will act within the boundaries of the laws.