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Land plot registries issued to 8,250 recipients

Mariyath Mohamed
25 February 2024, MVT 11:04
Gulhi Falhu.-- Photo: Nishan Ali / Mihaaru
Mariyath Mohamed
25 February 2024, MVT 11:04

Ministry of Housing, Land and Urban Development has announced today that 8,250 out of the recipients of land plots under the former administration's Binveriya housing scheme have been handed over registrations after agreements were signed.

Land plots were issued from Hulhumale' Phase 2, Hulhumale' Phase 3, Gulhi Falhu, and Giraavaru Falhu. A total of 9000 land plots were allocated from these locations by the former government.

The Ministry said that agreements have been signed with and registrations issued to 8,250 recipients to date, while an additional 118 recipients have been provided the letters of guarantee regarding land allocation.

These letters are issued as a guarantee in place of a registration as the land they have been allocated has not been reclaimed yet. Once the land is reclaimed, holders of the letters can apply for registrations.

The ministry said 303 recipients are eligible for receiving these letters. Meanwhile, 16 land plot recipients have applied to withdraw their applications and revoke the land plots they received, and hence has not signed. Additionally, 12 people have died after having been included in the list of recipients.

The Ministry further said that signing agreements with 120 recipients remain pending as there are further matters that need looking into before confirmation. They did not elaborate on what these matters of concern are.

Ministry said that efforts are currently ongoing to handover 212 registrations. The Ministry said that many of these recipients have been granted a second opportunity.

The Ministry said that officials would be calling recipients regarding handover of registrations, signing of agreements, handover of letters of guarantee and such matters. The phone calls from the Ministry will come from either 4004994 or 4004797.

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