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Fuvahmulah's electricity issue: finally resolved

After enduring electricity interruptions since early December, Fuvahmulah receives a permanent solution to their problem with Fenaka's purchase of a gen-set that is presently being installed in the island. The problem is expected to be solved by tomorrow.

Aishath Shuba Solih
11 February 2024, MVT 18:07
Transformer being hauled from S. Hithadhoo to resolve electricity problem in Fuvahmulah
Aishath Shuba Solih
11 February 2024, MVT 18:07

Fenaka has begun efforts to resolve the electrity shortage in Gnaviyani Atoll Fuavhmulah following the purchase of a generator set from an independent individual.

With the malfunction of generator used to supply the island with electricity, Fuvahmulah has been experiencing electricity interruptions at scheduled intervals since early December last year. Since then, Fenaka had been attempting to resolve the electricity shortage in the island.

Speaking to Mihaaru News, Managing Director of Fenaka, Muaz Mohamed Rasheed said that an 800 kilo-watt generator set has been purchased from an independent party in order to find a permanent solution for the enduring electricity problem in the island of Fuvahmulah.

He assured that the electricity problem will have found a permanent solution with this development.

“We are not using the ones in Gadhdhoo now. We purchased an 800 kilo-watt genset from an independent person. The gen-set has been escorted to the island and the installment process has commenced,” Muaz said.

“The process is underway even at this moment and if the installation is concluded today, the problem will also be resolved today. This issue [electricity shortage] will see a permanent solution by tomorrow,” Muaz said.

In attempts to solve the electricity issue, Fenaka had been making efforts to transfer the generator set in Gaaf Dhaal Atoll Gadhdhoo to Fuvahmulah City since December. With the Gadhdhoo residents' protests against the removal of the generator from their island, Fenaka ceased their attempts to transfer it.

Following that, two wards of Fuvahmulah had faced power outage in addition to the existing electricity problem in Fuvahmulah due to a power plant transformer incurring damage and breaking down. Electricity was restored to these two wards with a transformer transferred from Addu City.

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