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Mayan mugged while out jogging

Two assailants on a motorcycle grabbed Mayan, tackled her to the ground, and stole a gold necklace she was wearing.

Mariyath Mohamed
11 February 2024, MVT 10:20
Mariyam Mohamed (Mayan)
Mariyath Mohamed
11 February 2024, MVT 10:20

National Women's Football Team member and a founder of Women's Football Club Mariyam Mohamed (Maayan) was assaulted and robbed while out jogging in Hulhumale' early this morning.

Speaking to Mihaaru News, Maayan said that she was attacked while she had reached the vicinity of Raincrest Residence in Hulhumale' while jogging this morning.

Two assailants on a motorcycle grabbed her, tackled her to the ground, and stole a gold necklace she was wearing.

Mayan said that it is routine for her to go jogging in the same area every morning around sunrise, just after Fajr prayers. Due to this being her regular route, she said she is familiar with the racers who also frequent the location, and has never before encountered such an incident.

Mayan recalled that there were two people on a motorcycle when she reached the area during jogging today. Although she can confirm they were dressed casually in jeans and t-shirts, she is unable to identify them as both were concealing their faces behind helmets.

"I am someone who comes out to jog every day after Fajr prayers. Sometimes I head out at even five in the morning. I have never faced anything like this," she said.

Mayan relayed the incident.

She said that she had been attempting to cross the street when the two individuals approached her from behind and grabbed her by the throat. In shock, she lost strength in her legs and fell to the ground. The assailants grabbed the necklace she was wearing and left the scene.

"When I go jogging, I never take my phone or bag or anything. That necklace was all I had on me," she said.

She said that a foreigner had come to her aid upon hearing her screams for help. The foreigner tried to chase down the assailants, but Mayan said they speeded away on a motorcycle.

"In that instant, I was unable to check for the license plate number," she said.

Mayan said that she had immediately gone to the Hulhumale' Police Station to report the incident, although she did not have high hopes of retrieving the lost necklace.

She believed it is important to report the incident as such assaults are becoming rampant in Hulhumale' even during daytime hours, and the area is becoming increasingly unsafe.

Mayan emphasized the importance of ensuring that the cameras installed for surveillance of Hulhumale' streets are functioning, and providing runners with the assurance that they have safety and protection while out on the streets.

"I did not report with the purpose of getting back something as small as this. Runners are increasingly feeling a sense of danger. Most people come out to run this early in the day. Because of incidents like this, people become reluctant to come out to exercise. They need to be ensured safety and protection," Mayan said.

The photo posted on social media by Mayan, showing the necklace that was stolen.

Mayan posted a picture of the stolen necklace on social media, appealing to the public to notify her if they see anyone wearing or attempting to sell the item.

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