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Presidential Address: "Asseyri Tourism" project with seaplane hub in Addu

President Dr. Muizzu said that a special tourism development plan is being prepared for Addu City to formulate and inaugurate the 'Asseyri Tourism' project with a seaplane hub.

Malika Shahid
05 February 2024, MVT 11:30
Tourists in Maldives
Malika Shahid
05 February 2024, MVT 11:30

President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu has announced the government's plans to launch the "Asseyri Tourism" project in Addu City. The project aims to expand tourism in various parts of the country and will feature a seaplane hub in Addu City.

In his first presidential address at the opening of the parliament this year, President Muizzu stated that the government's goals for tourism include opening 20 new resorts this year and facilitating the reopening of resorts that have become non-operational for various reasons.

A policy is currently being formulated by the Tourism Ministry, Finance Ministry, Maldives Inland Revenue Authority (MIRA), and Economic Council to complete 63 projects allocated for tourism development on various islands.

A policy to assist in completing the development work on these islands will be formulated and implemented, contributing to the further expansion of tourism in the atolls.

"A special tourism development plan is being prepared for Addu City to formulate and inaugurate the 'Asseyri Tourism' project with a seaplane hub," he said.

President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu arrives at the parliament to deliver his first presidential address -- Photo: Fayaz Moosa

He said that the cabinet had established a 'Visitor Economy Council' to broaden tourism services in the country.

These initiatives include MICE tourism, aimed at positioning Maldives as a destination for major international conferences and ceremonies. They also focus on expanding tourism services in the Maldives within the realms of education, culture, heritage, health, and the environment.

"These positive changes are anticipated to manifest in the Maldives tourism sector during this term."

He added that two million tourists are anticipated to visit the Maldives for the first time this year. The figure is projected to increase at an average annual rate of 10.3 percent in the medium term, especially as the Velana International Airport development project is set to conclude this year, and new airlines commence flights to the Maldives.

While efforts are underway to enhance long-haul routes, directly linking emerging tourism markets with the Maldives, President Muizzu said that in addition to tourism, sectors like construction, real estate, and transportation will continue to grow rapidly in the coming years.

"With this, the country's productivity is expected to grow by 5.5 percent this year and at an average of 7.1 percent annually in the medium term."

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