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Crime statistics: over 5,000 cases of theft reported

Lamya Abdulla
20 May 2023, MVT 23:57
(FILE) Police active on scene during a drug crackdown operation -- Photo: Mihaaru
Lamya Abdulla
20 May 2023, MVT 23:57

According to police statistics, theft has been the most frequently reported crime in Maldives during the first quarter of 2023.

During the first three months of the year, police received a total of 5,805 cases, out of which 3,508 cases were filed and further investigation, according to the data released.

Data shows that 2,520 of the filed cases were reported from the Greater Malé area, from which 1,034 were closed after investigations and 136 cases were sent for prosecution.

The police received a total of 2,079 cases related to theft and robbery. Of these, 964 were filed and investigated and 304 cases were concluded. A total of 25 cases were sent for prosecution and 153 individuals were arrested in connection with theft and robbery offenses.

Residential houses were the most common targets of theft, with 159 reported cases of break-ins. Following that, mobile phone thefts accounted for 105 cases, while motorcycle thefts amounted to 103 reports.

Statistics released by the police on theft and robbery in the first three months of 2023

Crime statistics details

- 2,079 cases of theft and robbery

- 1,154 cases of drugs and narcotics

- 1,096 cases of road accidents

- 402 cases of physical violence

- 333 cases of various types of threats

- 286 cases of cybercrimes, blackmail, and fraud

- 190 cases of child abuse

-146 cases of domestic violence

- 119 cases of sexual abuse

Over 10,000 vehicles fined

According to the data released, majority of traffic violations were attributed to unlicensed motorists, with a total of 824 individuals driving without a license. Additionally, the police issued stickers for illegal parking on 10,617 vehicles.

The issue of parking has become a significant concern in the city, with the government and police facing criticism from the public regarding issuing stickers in areas where parking spaces are scarce.

Police statistics reveal that drug abuse remains a prominent social concern, with police seizing a substantial amount of illicit substances, including nine kg of cannabis, 3.1 kg of cocaine, 2.2 kg of heroin, and 2.2 kg of various other types of drugs.

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