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Bail granted to suspect in MVR 7 million drug case

Malika Shahid
09 March 2023, MVT 16:03
[File] Drug disposal operation carried out by police: one suspect allegedly involved in MVR 7 million drug case brought to the Maldives last year has been released on bail
Malika Shahid
09 March 2023, MVT 16:03

The Criminal Court has released one of the two men arrested for allegedly smuggling drugs worth over MVR 7 million (USD 455,748) into the Maldives.

The arrested Maldivians were allegedly involved in the possession of over two kilograms of cocaine brought by a 59-year-old Swiss man, who arrived in Maldives from Brazil on December 24 last year.

The value of the drugs is estimated to be worth MVR 7.7 million (USD 501,323), according to Maldives Customs Service. The foreigner cooperated with the police's investigation and worked with them to set up a controlled delivery operation to catch the suspects.

Last week, one of the accused was released on bail after a plea hearing in which the 32-year-old man sought a review of his detention. The court, while granting bail, said it is not clear whether any communication or transaction was made with the person who brought the items in order to smuggle the drugs.

It was also alleged that they had gone to the room where the drug smuggler was staying in the guest house to talk about the fact that the money was not arranged for the room, and this statement was also supported by the other local man who had been arrested.

The judge said although there was enough evidence to charge the man who was released from custody, the circumstances surrounding why they had gone to the foreigners room were unclear. Furthermore, the police had not submitted any evidence to show that the suspect should be remanded in custody until a judgment is passed.

The accused was released on bail in violation of previous decisions of the higher courts in other similar cases.

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