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Brazil senators back criminal charges against Bolsonaro

  2 hours

A Brazilian Senate commission approved a damning report on Tuesday that recommends criminal charges be brought against President Jair Bolsonaro, including crimes against humanity, for his Covid

Scientists comb Japan waters to study new eco threat

  1 day

A boat's crew casts a net into the seemingly clean waters off Japan's Izu peninsula, but not to catch fish -- they are scooping up microplastics to learn more about the pollution's impact on marine

Innovative visionary behind Bison Maldives

  1 day

A strategic, leading player in the resort and building construction sector of the Maldives close two decades of experience, Bison Maldives had its humble beginnings in 2002. The company has been the principal contractor for large investment ventures with its

How are apps transforming the travel industry and benefiting tourists?

  22 hours

Your smartphone goes with you everywhere you go; even if it means that you are backpacking across a mountain range or kicking back in the Bahamas. But are you really utilizing your smartphone or any other digital gadgets on your hands or before

Gentle and Graceful: Mantas of Maldives

  1 day

Manta Rays are the gentle giants among the “Big 5” of the Maldives marine life. Good news is, they can be spotted all year round the year as they migrate through the atolls. If swimming alongside a Manta is on your bucket list, you just need to be a bit