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Tourist arrivals to Maldives reach over 1.5 million

Mohamed Rehan
30 October 2023, MVT 16:46
Government is targeting an annual arrival total of 1.9 million tourists for 2023--
Mohamed Rehan
30 October 2023, MVT 16:46

The tourist arrivals to the Maldives on a year-to-date basis has reached over 1.5 million as of October 28, 2023.

According to the Ministry of Tourism, total tourist arrivals by the review date reached 1,505,366 which is a 13.6 percent annual increase from the same period in 2022.

In 2022, tourist arrivals stood at 1,327,962 for the same corresponding period.

Russia maintains top tourist market spot with 172,472 annual arrivals as of the review date with India replacing China to become the second strongest tourist market once again with 163,513 arrivals.

China is currently ranked third, following closely behind India with 163,036 annual arrivals. The United Kingdom is ranked fourth with 121,166 annual arrivals while Germany is in fifth spot with 105,862.

The bottom five include Italy (89,725), USA (58,695), France (40,500), Spain (32,286), and Switzerland (29,255).

With the current annual arrival figure, the annual arrival total is approximately 400,000 shy of reaching the 1.9 million annual arrival target set by the government.

Maldives needs to attract over 200,000 tourists in the following two months to achieve the annual target.

The ministry's statistics also revealed that the daily average arrival is currently at 5,001 in annual terms while the average duration of stay is 7.6 days.

Besides observing a moderate annual increment, tourist arrivals have observed a monthly increase so far in October at 5.1 percent.

As of October 28, Maldives has attracted 144,318 tourists while in the same period last year, tourist arrival total was at 137,333.

Maldives has attracted over 150,000 tourists on average for the first nine months of 2023 according to the ministry.

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