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Oxford publishes Maldivian Lawyer’s research on Tax Law

20 September 2022, MVT 15:03
Zaif Hassan Fazal
20 September 2022, MVT 15:03

The Oxford University Press has published a Master’s research paper done on taxation by aspirant Maldivian Lawyer Zaif Hassan Fazal.

Zaif’s paper on Master’s in Taxation Lawyer titled "Trusts and Trustees" was published last month in the largest university press in the world, Oxford University Press. Over thousands of research journals have been published in the well-esteemed journal.

He did his first degree in law in the University of Surrey in the United Kingdom. He afterwards relocated to Australia where he completed a graduate course in legal practice and worked in a law firm in Australia. He also got first place in the world for his A Levels in Business.

Speaking with Mihaaru News, Zaif said that his paper getting published in a prestigious journal was the result of his top score received for his Master’s course in the University of Western Australia and being the recipient of the Taxation of Trust Award. Zaif currently works at a private law firm in the Maldives.

He had previously published a paper on how to strengthen the taxation laws in small, developing countries and a paper on improving the GST laws of the Maldives.

Zaif mentioned that Trust was what was used in Common Law countries to plan the taxation in addition to keeping goods secure.

His paper examines how policymakers and tax administrators are more inclined to adopt extreme measures to tax offshore trusts.

Zaif noted that further work can be done to improve the current taxation laws implemented by Maldives Inland Revenue Authority (MIRA).

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