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Freediving is easy! True or False?

Freediving is easy! True or False? by Kate Gale

23 September 2021, MVT 12:38
A freediver captures a photograph of a humpback whale, Réunion Island. Third place: Ocean Adventure Photographer of the Year Photograph: Sébastien Pontoizeau/Alasy Photography
23 September 2021, MVT 12:38

The thought of gliding gracefully into the depths of the ocean is one that comes to mind when discovering the mesmerising underwater realm of The Maldives… In awe of this indigo world, we cannot help but crave more of what the Indian Ocean has to offer.

How much of this beauty can you see from the surface? Merely a glimpse. So how can you see more without the hassle of carrying an oxygen tank, BCD, regulator and weights on you? You learn how to free dive.

Freediving is also known as breath-hold diving, and it is a method of underwater diving that does not require the help of a breathing device. You simply hold your breath for as long until you return to the surface.

Is it easy? The truth is, it can be. It simply requires practise. The key to lasting longer underwater is to get used to taking slow, long and deep breaths. Do a few breath-holding exercises and time yourself to see how long you can last. By doing this you can track your progress and increase your total breath-hold time, so that you can dive deeper.

Another key to success for freediving is mastering the art of relaxation. Panic is your worst enemy, you must remember to stay calm and collected underwater. This will hugely help your freediving progression.

It is important to remain careful, bearing in mind that freediving is not an activity you should attempt to learn on your own. There are many dangers to deep submersion without any underwater breathing equipment, such as panicking or passing out – so, you want to make sure you’re someone who can assist you if trouble arises.

With proper guidance and careful adherence to health and safety, you can focus on improving your breath-holding skills while freely enjoying your serene underwater world. Slowly but surely, you will improve with each dive and will be able to go deeper, for a longer period of time.

By trying out the art of freediving, you will feel the ultimate connection between man and water – just you and the deep blue.

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