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Maldives debuts at NATAS holiday expo

Mariyam Malsa
03 August 2019, MVT 14:04
A Maldivian stall at the NATAS holiday expo. PHOTO: VISITMALDIVES
Mariyam Malsa
03 August 2019, MVT 14:04

MMPRC exhibited Maldives as a destination at National Association of Travel Agents Singapore (NATAS) Expo on Friday, a first for the country.

Spanning from August 2 to 4, the travel fair is the largest of its kind held in Singapore.

Maldives Marketing and Public Relations Company (MMPRC) Managing Director Thoyyib Mohamed is leading the Maldivian delegation which includes five other travel agencies.

Maldives' stalls display the country's natural beauty and provide an option to experience underwater scenery via virtual reality. Visitors may also sample local cuisine from the stalls.

MMPRC stated that the opportunity to advertise the country was secured after deliberations with top officials of the Singaporean tourism industry.

Initiated in 1987, NATAS travel fairs are held twice a year, attracting approximately 2.4 million visitors annually. The travel fair is popular among member countries of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN).

The number of Singaporean holidaymakers visiting Maldives increased by 17.7 percent during the first six months of 2019. East Asian countries constitute one of Maldives' largest markets for tourism.