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Report by 241 Committee on breach of Nasheed's security passed

Lamya Abdulla
08 July 2021, MVT 15:07
241 Committee finalises report breach into Nasheed's security -- Photo: Parliament
Lamya Abdulla
08 July 2021, MVT 15:07

The report compiled by Parliament's Security Services Committee (241 Committee) on the inquiry on Speaker Mohamed Nasheed's security breach has been passed on Wednesday evening by the Parliament.

In the meeting held by the committee last night to pass the report, Chairman of the Committee and MP of the Hithadhoo Uthuru constituency Mohamed Aslam said the inquiry had looked into various things around the assassination attempt of Nasheed on May 6. He said in addition to the attack itself, the had also looked into various things that had happened prior to the attack in addition how his transfer to ADK Hospital and how he was treated there.

Aslam said they had investigated how Nasheed's treatment carried out in the hospital, specifically an instance where a gun was found in one of the restrooms in the hospital. The inquiry had determined it was left there by accident by the security personnel who was ensuring Nasheed's safety while he was being treated following the terror attack.

This investigation also looked into how intel gathered by state institutions that provide security share it amongst themselves. It also states some findings will be classified and therefore will not be made available to the public.

The complete report will be presented to President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih in addition to Chief Justice Ahmed Muthasim Adnan and Speaker Nasheed.

Notable recommendations

This report was passed with a total of 45 submitted recommendations, approved by all members of the committee. Some of the notable recommendations include:

- Armed security personnel monitoring those who enter Nasheed's household even when he is not home

- Have an evacuation procedure for his household

- Provide a standard armored car for Nasheed for personal travel

- Vet Nasheed's security personnel once a year

- Monitor Nasheed's household at all times with CCTV

- Terminate employment of all personnel that was either negligent on the day of the attack or did not take act as per procedure

- To appoint a National Security Advisor to the President after joint discussions by Police and Maldives National Defence Force (MNDF)

- Amend The Armed Forces Act to make it more fit for current times

- Create a national database for people participating in terrorist acts or religious extremism

- Raise awareness amongst the media about terrorism and religious extremism

- Outline the duties and responsibilities of the organisations working against terrorism so that there is no overlap

- Make a new law for intelligence

Aslam stated the 241 Committee was able to conduct such a thorough investigation due to the member's expertise. He further noted that members from other political parties contributed heavily as the inquiry proceeded, and it was clear they considered this endeavor a national service rather than one rendered to a representative of a political party.