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Should not allow to hide how ordinary officers acted at the time of terror attack: Nasheed

Lamya Abdulla
04 June 2021, MVT 18:55
Mohamed Nasheed talking at an event when Foreign Minister of India visited Maldives: Nasheed believes it is an injustice to not allow his security team to provide witness accounts regarding his assassination attack -- Photo: Niishan Ali/ Mihaaru
Lamya Abdulla
04 June 2021, MVT 18:55

Majilis Speaker and Former President Mohamed Nasheed has spoken against the Maldives National Defence Force’s decision to not produce any individual officers at the parliamentary inquiry into the assassination attempt on him.

MNDF on Thursday made a statement that they have informed Majilis' National Security Committee (241 Committee) that they will respond the committee as an institution rather than allowing individual officers to testify regarding the terrorist attack and on Nasheed. MNDF said that it would be a violation of the chain of command hierarchy, command and control, policies within the army if individual officers are to be summoned and questioned.

"'Top Brass' should not make any decisions that allows to hide how well the rank and file, or ordinary soldiers acted ," Nasheed tweeted opposing the decision.

On May 6, an IED attached to a motorcycle outside Nasheed's residence exploded, injuring Nasheed and several others. Four people has been arrested in connection to the terror attack.

Nasheed said that it is an injustice to dictate in a way that does not allow the the trained individuals in his security team, at the time of attack of speaking the truth.

We will fully support the inquiry: MNDF

MNDF had announced on Thursday that they would provide full support to the inquiry, as an institution, made against them by the 241 Committee.

In a press release, MNDF said they understand that the Majilis has the power to order any state institution or individual to come forward to the any Majilis committee and provide any witness statements or supporting documents as requested. MNDF stated they do not plan to go against this.

However, they noted, that MNDF is under Ministry of Defence, and article 242 of the Constitution states that it is the responsibility of the Defence Minister to represent MNDF to both the Majilis and the President in such instances.

MNDF said they would provide any information that is required by them to Majilis as an institution and that they would not be allowing individuals to the committee.

Furthermore, they said they are not obliged to send individuals to Majilis by any court of Maldives.

On contrary to MNDF's statement, Supreme Court of Maldives had issued a recommendation on March 10, 2011, which says MNDF and Police are also legally obliged to answer parliamentary inquiries individually if they are asked to do so.

The institution also reinstated that members of the army are prohibited from disclosing official information to any party, besides those outlined in the Army Act.

MNDF is under heavy scrutiny and criticism from the public for the decisions.