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Doctors summoned to parliamentary inquiry on Nasheed's security breach

Lamya Abdulla
27 June 2021, MVT 13:14
Team of doctors from ADK Hospital summoned to the parliament by 241 Commitee -- Photo: Majilis
Lamya Abdulla
27 June 2021, MVT 13:14

The Parliament's Security Services Committee (241 Committee) has summoned the team of doctors of ADK Hospital that treated Parliament Speaker and Former President Mohamed Nasheed to the ongoing inquiry onto the breach into his security on Saturday.

The assassination attempt on May 6 injured Nasheed, and several others . While Nasheed required over 16 hours of continuous treatment in ADK Hospital's ICU, the others were released after receiving treatment that day itself. He was attacked using an IED attached to a motorcycle outside his residence, that exploded as he was leaving his home.

The team of doctors that were questioned by the Committee included Managing Director of ADK Ahmed Afaal, Dr. Abdulla Niyaaf, and Dr. Ahmed Nishan.

Abdulla Niyaaf, answering questions at the 241 Committee -- Photo: Majilis

Furthermore, MP Ahmed Ilyas, representative of the Hulhudhoo constituency was also summoned to Committee 241 yesterday. Ilyas had shared vital information with Defence Minister Mariya Ahmed Didi regarding rumors he had heard about plans to attack Nasheed, prior to the attack.

Ilyas had provided a statement to the police on this matter previously as well.

Defence Minister herself had been questioned by 241 Committee before, in addition to other officials from the ministry and Nasheed's bodyguards.

241 Committee aims to finish the inquriy before June is over.

Nasheed is currently in Germany receiving further treatment.