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Elect MPs that can't be bought, won't cave under influence: President Solih

Shahudha Mohamed
03 April 2019, MVT 14:16
President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih speaking at an MDP rally. PHOTO: HUSSAIN WAHEED / MIHAARU
Shahudha Mohamed
03 April 2019, MVT 14:16

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih, on Tuesday night, urged voters to elect as parliament representatives, loyal members who possess integrity.

In a campaign rally held to garner support for the four MDP candidates gunning for constituencies within Henveiru ward, President Solih noted that people want a transparent parliament that can be held accountable. He further said that for such a parliament to exist, only candidates with integrity who are willing to work together with the ruling coalition must be elected.

"Transparency does not just mean not being bribed. They should also not cave under influence. These people will not be swayed by influence", he stated, referring to the candidates contesting for Henveiru constituencies.

The four candidates hailing from MDP include the party's chairperson Hassan Latheef for Henveiru West, current MP Ali Azim for Central Henveiru, Hussain Shameem (Andhun Hussain) for Henveiru East, and Ibrahim Muizzu for Henveiru North.

In addition, the President highlighted high rent as the biggest challenge facing Maldivians, and promised solutions through affordable housing.

Moreover, the President discussed issues regarding the Hiyaa housing project that commenced in phase two of Hulhumale, during former President Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom's administration.

He stated that the project resulted in losses, and that the flats did not offer suitable living conditions.

"When 500 square feet is divided into a three-room apartment, each room is 8 feet by 9 feet. There is no space for a wardrobe after placing a bed", he said. "This is not the way a government provides housing."

President Solih noted that the rent of each Hiyaa flat is priced at MVR 8000 per month, highlighting that the 950 square feet three-room apartments to be established by the current administration will have monthly rates lower than MVR 6000.

Stating that social housing will be provided in three stages, President Solih revealed that priority will be given to those living in dire conditions without an income.

Moreover, he said that the government will help those that struggle to manage their costs with their current income as well.

"An easy procedure will be in place for those buying flats, and they will also receive loans."

Stating that he was elected by the people to ensure justice regarding the acts of corruption committed by the former government, President Solih said that since his inauguration into office, he has begun work to assure justice is served.

He also spoke of the difficulties faced due to authorities being heavily influenced by Yameen's administration, further adding that at the time, neither he nor the people could trust the authorities.

The President guaranteed that justice would be served through the presidential commission established to investigate cases of death and enforced disappearances. However, he expressed concern on the hurdles faced during this process, despite having a majority in parliament.

"I want to say that having a majority in parliament is not enough. The government has a majority in the current parliament. But why have we not been able to do this? We need to find the answer to this question", President Solih stated, referring to the works of presidential commissions.