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Juvenile crimes drop in 2018

Nafaahath Ibrahim
24 January 2019, MVT 10:09
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Nafaahath Ibrahim
24 January 2019, MVT 10:09

Juvenile Justice Unit (JJU) revealed that the number of juveniles involved in crimes dropped in 2018.

According to the annual statistic report by JJU, in 2018, only 349 cases were reported. This is a 13 percent decrease compared to the figures in 2017.

Furthermore, the report shows that for the first time in the past three years, the number of juveniles committing crimes and repeating crimes dropped in 2018.

From the number of reported cases, 93 percent was for boys, which is also a 47 percent decrease compared to 2017.

The statistics show the highest number of cases reported are for children between 16 to 18 years. The crime rates are high for both genders aged 16.

The report highlighted that most of the females resort to crimes over not receiving the protection they should be given.

Additionally, 35 percent of the children reported with crimes go to school while 32 percent had stopped. Moreover, 23 percent of reported juveniles had completed their education until O' Level Examinations.

The annual report noted that, since 2015, the ages of those committing crimes have been decreasing and that most of them become involved in crime due to the environment they grow up in.

Meanwhile, 38 percent of children involved in crimes are living with their parents, while 34 percent of them come from broken families as per the figures.