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EC announces official electoral constituencies for parliamentary election

Fathmath Shaahunaz
06 November 2018, MVT 15:24
Fathmath Shaahunaz
06 November 2018, MVT 15:24

Elections Commission (EC) on Tuesday officially announced the constituencies for the parliamentary elections next March, including two additional constituencies for capital Male.

The electoral watchdog's President Ahmed Shareef revealed during a press conference held Tuesday, that the commission decided upon the electoral constituencies during a meeting held Monday. He assured that the constituencies would be gazetted soon.

The two new constituencies in Male City are Machangolhi Central and Henveiru West, the latter of which was established after separating the reclaimed suburb of Hulhumale from the old Hulhu-Henveiru constituency.

Shareef stated that the commission agreed that no other changes will be made to the electoral constituencies.

He went on to state that the EC made its decision after taking into consideration the multiple complaints the commission received, after it first announced the temporary decision on the electoral constituencies.

EC's Vice President Ahmed Akram highlighted that the commission had been advised to establish a separate constituency for Kolamaafushi, and add two more constituencies to Addu City. However, he stated that after much discussion, the EC decided that it was in the best of interests to not bring about changes yet.

With the addition of the two new constituencies, the number of parliament seats will increase from 85 to 87 in the parliamentary election next year, with constituencies in the capital city totalling 15.