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Thinadhoo must show positive results: Dr. Shaheem

17 August 2018, MVT 18:36
17 August 2018, MVT 18:36

President Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayooms’ running-mate, Dr. Mohamed Shaheem Ali Saeed states that Thinadhoo, must present president Yameen with positive results in the election. While speaking at a meeting held with the island's youth, during his recent campaign trip to the most densely populated island in Gaafu Dhaalu Atoll, Shaheem declared that the modern development to the region had been bought in by president Yameen, including developments to the health sector, preserving the cultural significance, the construction of an Islamic Center, infrastructural developments to roads and sewerage systems, as well as the harbour development in the island.

“Why do people say no to President Yameen? He has accomplished this under his rule, amidst political pressure far beyond that which any of his predecessors have faced. How many times have people tried to overturn the government via international and national political influence? [This was accomplished] all the while overcoming immense pressure", said Shaheem.

Expressing that a strong leadership is required to face such challenges, Shaheem asserted his belief that the incumbent president should hence be elected for another term.

The Chancellor of Islamic University, Shaheem had stated in his pledge to push youth development to the forefront, and that he would stand by the president in order to achieve this.

Shaheem also urged the youth of Thinadhoo to become exceptional examples for the entirety of Huvadhoo ( Gaaf Dhaal ) Atoll.

He requested the youth to present any complaints and suggestions towards improvement, should they deem the actions of the president undesirable.

Shaheem conveyed that there would be no room for disappointment if President Yameen is re-elected, stating that in his second term, the development he will bring would be enough to make 'every Maldivian proud puff-up their chest in pride.'