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HDC to hand over security of Hulhumale Second Phase to Police

Fathmath Shaahunaz
03 June 2018, MVT 20:48
Aerial view of Hulhumale's Second Phase of development.
Fathmath Shaahunaz
03 June 2018, MVT 20:48

Housing Development Corporation (HDC) has requested Maldives Police Service to take over security of reclaimed suburb Hulhumale's Second Phase of development, in the wake of a dangerous accident.

The accident took place last Friday night, after a motorcyclist illegally drove into Hulhumale Second Phase. The reclaimed land, on which mega developmental projects are underway, is strictly prohibited to the public.

The motorcyclist in question had ignored the warnings of HDC's security guards stationed at the main entrance gateway to the Second Phase, and had sped through, where he crashed into a barrier blocking off a road under construction. He had suffered major injuries to the face and head.

HDC's Deputy Managing Director Ahmed Bunyamin noted that people were able to trespass into Hulhumale Second Phase from various points aside from the main entrance, due to the sheer size of the reclaimed area. Highlighting that trespassers often disobeyed the security guards and forced their way through, he stated that HDC did not have the capacity to guard the entire land and, thus, decided to hand over security to the police.

Bunyamin estimated that the police would take over the task within this week. However, the police have yet to make an official statement to the media on the matter.

HDC added that the security of Hulhumale Second Phase would be strengthened according to the progress of its development projects.

The accident on Friday night was the third in a series of dangerous accidents that took place in Hulhumale last week. Some of the injured people are still in serious condition.