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Opposition impedes development with the intention to taunt: President

President Muizzu reiterates that the government affairs can run smoothly only with the presence of governement aligned parliamentarians and highlighted that the opposition's conduct in impeding state affairs is with the intention to taunt.

Aishath Shuba Solih
27 February 2024, MVT 16:32
President Dr Mohamed Muizzu addressing the residential community of Sh. Kanditheemu -- Photo: President's Office
Aishath Shuba Solih
27 February 2024, MVT 16:32

President Dr Mohamed Muizzu has asserted today that the major opposition party to the government, Maldives Democratic Party (MDP) prioritized their personal interests, hinders the people’s development and advancement, and also carries the aim to taunt the government through the parliament.

Speaking at the ceremony held this morning to address the residential community of Shaviyani Atoll Kanditheemu during his trip across the northern atolls, the president said that in spite of efforts to facilitate development for the people, the parliament, which the opposition party MDP holds majority of, has been obstructing these developmental agendas.

The president asserted that the intentions of the government can be smoothly facilitated with the presence of parliamentarians who embrace the same views as the government and implored the people to consider this during the polling for the parliamentary elections slated for the 17th of next month.

The president meeting the people of Sh. Kanditheemu during his visit to the island -- Photo: President's Office

The President recalled that when the parliament had passed the annual state budget, they had incorporated an amount much smaller than the requirement for the developmental projects with the “intention to taunt”, hence presenting multiple obstructions that impede these projects.

“They are much too political. The party line has become significant especially for the opposition party who customarily considers the party line in matters. Not a developmental perception, not conduct that benefits the nation,” alleged the president.

“As seen within the conduct of the last three months and the actions towards the country during their administration, while they work for their own isolated interests, they also adopt the agenda to defend the larger interests of an entirely different people,” President said.

President Dr Mohamed Muizzu and Special Advisor to the President, Abdul Raheem Abdulla in attendance at the ceremony held to facilitate the president's address of the residential community of Sh. Kanditheemu during his visit

While the President maintains that obstructions are being caused by the parliament, the parliament, in cooperation with the MDP’s majority, had delayed the approval of the president’s cabinet for three months as well. During the approval of the Minister’s, a whip line was also administered to reject a number of Ministers.

The president reiterates that the developmental projects determined by the government can only be commenced with the presence of representatives who share the same views as the government. The upcoming parliamentary elections selects members for 93 constituencies, amongst which 89 seats are being pursued by PNC members.

While President Muizzu asserts that government supportive members must be elected, former President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih had heavily criticized the present government at the meeting held by MDP last night to initiate their parliamentary campaign.

Solih has remarked that the country is not headed in the right direction and that it is the time to act now to revert it back in the right direction instead of standing by to watch as it derails.