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Must not allow country to be run to a foreign Ambassador's whim: President

Mariyath Mohamed
01 April 2024, MVT 09:30
President speaks at a PNC parliamentary campaign rally.-- Photo: Fayaz Moosa / Mihaaru
Mariyath Mohamed
01 April 2024, MVT 09:30

President Dr Mohamed Muizzu has alleged tonight that the opposition wants to run the country to the whims of a foreign Ambassador, and stated that the Maldivian people must not allow the country to be taken in this direction.

Speaking at a People's National Congress (PNC) parliamentary election campaign event held in Male' on Sunday night, President Dr Muizzu stated that if one has love for the country, then one must bear in mind the best interests of the nation, and come to decisions also independently.

"This is an autonomous, proudly independent nation. Decisions regarding this country will be made by Maldivians. Things in this country must not proceed only as a foreign power says, or as an Ambassador form a nearby embassy comes and instructs. Maldivians have made that a thing of the past now," he stated.

"You must not allow our direction to change towards that again. They're trying to revert back in that direction," President Dr Muizzu said, referring to opposition Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP)'s campaign slogan of 'Misraab hama magah', loosely translated to 'in the right direction'.

The President went on to say that MDP is attempting to take Maldives in a 'crooked direction', adding it would not do to allow them to do so. He said that Maldivians had brought the Maldives on to the right path during the presidential election, and that logic itself dictates that the country should not be allowed to revert back to the wrong path once again.

"They are trying to take a direction where the nation is run as the foreign Ambassador demands. You must not allow them to do so. That is not how we must do things," the President insisted.

The President affirmed that this administration would take the country forward on the right path, and that this would ultimately empower and bring contentment to the people. He said that this would bring new life to the Maldives.

"Investors will get confidence to invest in the Maldives. They are unable to digest that. So we must not pay heed to their attempts to try and deter us from our path," the President said.

Although the President did not directly identify which foreign Ambassador he was referring to last night, he has often criticized MDP for the close ties it keeps with India.