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Government awards Kuwait Fund hospitals development to contractors

Mohamed Rehan
18 May 2023, MVT 11:59
Ministry of Health signs with two contractors to develop 30-bed hospital facilities in seven local islands initiated through Kuwait Fund-- Photo: Ministry of Health
Mohamed Rehan
18 May 2023, MVT 11:59

The Ministry of Health on Monday, May 15, has awarded development of 30-bed hospital facilities under the Kuwait Fund to two contractors.

The ministry has signed agreements with Duplex Private Limited, a local developer, and Anand Buildtec Private Limited of India.

Duplex was awarded the design and build of hospital facilities in;

- Haa Dhaalu atoll Hanimaadhoo

- Alifu Dhaalu atoll Maamigili

- Vaavu atoll Felidhoo

- Thaa atoll Vilufushi

Anand Buildtec was awarded the development of hospitals in;

- Shaviyani atoll Milandhoo

- Noonu atoll Velidhoo

- Kaafu atoll Thulusdhoo

According to the Ministry, the Kuwait Fund has extended a total of MVR 686 million for the project. The developers have been contracted to complete the projects within one and a half years.

Speaking at the signing ceremony, Minister of Health Ahmed Naseem emphasized that the current administration has placed a high priority on expanding medical infrastructure throughout the country in order to reduce the reliance on Male' City for healthcare needs. He further acknowledged the progress made towards achieving this goal, while also highlighting the significance of the seven hospitals being developed under the Kuwait Fund initiative as part of the government's commitment to enhancing the medical sector.

"We initiated the development of tertiary hospitals as the first step, in line with our action plan for regional development," stated Naseem.

"In order to improve access to these hospitals, we have also focused on the development of airports and ferries. Development of the health sector is not limited to the healthcare industry alone," he said.

The Minister said that the hospitals will be equipped with flu clinics and isolation facilities to ensure the continuity of services during Covid-19 outbreaks or similar viral pandemics. He further said that each bed in these facilities will be equipped with piped oxygen, medical air, and suction systems.

The hospital designs include the development of oxygen plants to provide oxygen tanks to neighboring islands. Additionally, solar PV systems will be installed on the roofs of the hospitals to reduce electricity costs.

The Ministry initially announced seeking interested developers for the project earlier in April 2022. However, after the authority failed to attract potential contractors, the Ministry re-announced the opportunity in December 2022.