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Contractors sought to develop 1,000 housing units each in Hulhumale phase two

Fathmath Shaahunaz
19 March 2017, MVT 12:52
Aerial view of Hulhumale's second phase of development. PHOTO/HDC
Fathmath Shaahunaz
19 March 2017, MVT 12:52

Housing Development Corporation (HDC) is seeking local and foreign contractors to develop minimum 1,000 housing units in the second phase of development in reclaimed suburb Hulhumale.

This is HDC’s first project in Hulhumale’s second phase. Meanwhile, the government has awarded projects to seven foreign firms to develop 1,500 housing units each in Hulhumale.

An official of HDC said on Sunday that all interested parties must propose to develop at least 1,000 housing units in Hulhumale second phase under this project.

“This decision was taken to develop as many apartments as possible.”

The official added that priority will be given to contractors that propose the fastest deadline to complete development as “the government wishes to commence the project as soon as possible and provide housing and shelter to more people.”

In its notice, HDC stated that contractors are to seek funds for the project themselves and that they are to submit USD 100,000 as security.