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Nambian man found carrying bullets being deported from Maldives

Lamya Abdulla
21 July 2021, MVT 18:16
Velana International Airport (VIA) : the man was found with bullets as he attempted to leave VIA on July 10 -- Photo: Nishan Ali/ Mihaar
Lamya Abdulla
21 July 2021, MVT 18:16

Man found carrying bullets in his baggage at Velana International Airport (VIA) is to be deported.

The bullets were found in the luggage of a 60 year old Nambian man trying to depart Maldives on July 10. He was subsequently arrested and brought under police custody. When the man was taken to the Criminal Court, they had issued a court order that allowed them to keep the man under police custody for three days.

A police media official has told Mihaaru news that when the duration for remand was over on July 14, they have decided to release him instead of extending the remand duration. Instead of prosecuting him, they decided to deport. The case have now been handed over to Maldives Immigration.

The police media official did not disclose why they chose to deport him instead of prosecuting him.

It is still unclear whether the bullets found on the Nambian man was something he was attempting to export or if he had smuggled them in. No official authorities have released any details on the kind of bullets or the amount of bullets found on him.

Bullets are illegal to use and import into or export out of Maldives. People found with bullets in Maldives have been persecuted before.

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