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Lawyers refute allegations against First Lady Fazna

Ahmed Aiham
25 October 2020, MVT 13:06
An aerial view of the public park developed on the South-East coast of capital city Male'. PHOTO: HUSSAIN WAHEED / MIHAARU
Ahmed Aiham
25 October 2020, MVT 13:06

The Litigants LLP, on behalf of First Lady Fazna Ahmed, expressed concern over the allegations made against her by the online media outlet 'Maldives News Network'.

According to the law firm, the media agency falsely accused the First Lady of supplying plants required for the landscaping of a public park in the South-East coast of Male'.

The firm further shunned the reporting by denying the claims, adding that legal action will be pursued against the company.

Moreover, the First Lady's representatives criticized the news company, noting that the media's editor must be responsible in their reporting by revealing details supporting their claims, instead of slander.

The First Lady was also accused of transferring funds to Mauritius. However, the Maldives News Network did not disclose details pertaining to the alleged false claims.

The park's development remains a contentious issue among the controversy-laden administration of President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih.