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Civil Service Commission members resign, Shaheeq dismissed

Ahmed Aiham
13 July 2020, MVT 19:19
Former President of the Civil Service Commission President Dr Ali Shameem and former Vice President Shaheed Mohamed. PHOTO: MIHAARU FILES
Ahmed Aiham
13 July 2020, MVT 19:19

Parliament on Monday, dismissed Civil Service Commission (CSM) member Ibrahim Shaheeq, which was shortly followed by the resignation of then-vice president Shaheed Mohamed and member Zakariyya Hussain.

Shaheeq was dismissed by a unanimous decision from the 48 parliamentarians who participated in Monday's session, on account of political influence, as well as clashes in belief between the members, hindering Commission proceedings.

Further issues were noted by the parliament including CSC's inability to conclude its work as a result of leaked documents and the involvement of its then-president Dr Ali Shameem in the former ruling Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM)'s campaign activities.

Parliament Speaker Mohamed Nasheed announced earlier that Shameem had submitted his resignation, at the opening of the parliamentary session during which the dismissal of four CSC members was scheduled for discussion.

All four members were appointed by convicted former president Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom.

On June 29, the Parliament's Committee on Independent Institutions had voted to dismiss the all members of CSC with the notable exception of Fathimath Amira.

Expressing concern over delays in CSC proceedings, including the process of hiring additional staff and the drafting of the commission's framework guidelines, the Committee on Independent Institutions proposed to dismiss the four CSC members on March 1.

The Committee initially asserted that the five CSC members should be dismissed simultaneously, on the grounds that all of them contributed to the issues for which the commission is facing action. He added that Amira had not lodged any reports regarding CSC to relevant authorities.

The sole CSC member not facing job termination, Amira, is a long-time contributor in the education sector and was appointed to CSC following the change of government in November 2018.

Amira is also married to the uncle of MP Rozaina Adam, the parliamentary representative for Addu Meedhoo constituency and the current Chair of the Committee on Independent Institutions.

However, MP Rozaina chose not to participate in the committee's latest vote concerning the matter, which was overseen by Deputy Chair Mickail Naseem, the parliamentary representative for Male's Galolhu South constituency.