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Hulhumale Phase 1, Phase 2 bridges to be completed by April: HDC

Shahudha Mohamed
09 February 2020, MVT 21:44
Construction of the connective bridges between Phase One and Phase Two of reclaimed suburb Hulhumale'. HDC states that bridge construction will conclude in April by the latest. PHOTO: MIHAARU FILES
Shahudha Mohamed
09 February 2020, MVT 21:44

Housing Development Corporation (HDC), on Sunday, revealed that the five bridges connecting Phase One and Phase Two of reclaimed suburb Hulhumale' will be completed in April.

In an interview with local media Mihaaru, HDC's Managing Director, Suhail Ahmed, stated that the aim was to finish the construction of the connecting bridges by the end of March or by the beginning of April.

The five bridges, built over a saltwater channel, are being constructed by China State Engineering and Construction Company (CSECC). CSECC is building 7,000 housing units in Hulhumale' as well.

"Priority was given to the design of the bridges, so the end result will be very beautiful", Suhail said.

The Phase Two bridges are funded with the USD 80 million (MVR 1.2 billion) loan assistance granted by the Saudi Fund for Development (SDF).

While the first four bridges lead directly from the four main roads in Phase One, the fifth bridge connects the tourism zone area in Phase Two with the rest of Phase Two.

Suhail stated that all the concrete work for the bridges was already complete and the next step was tarring. Efforts are underway to dig the sea area that was reclaimed for the bridge-building project. This work will also be carried out by CSECC.

A total of 240 hectares of land were reclaimed for Hulhumale' Phase Two development. HDC is developing 15,000 housing units in addition to several public utilities and services along with it. HDC estimates that 7,000 of these housing units can be populated by the end of this year.

According to Suhail, efforts to finish the roadworks and landscaping were underway.