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Measures will be taken to expedite child sex abuse cases: JSC

Shahudha Mohamed
20 January 2020, MVT 12:48
Members of Judicial Service Commission discussing ways to expedite the child sex abuse cases lodged at courts. PHOTO: JSC
Shahudha Mohamed
20 January 2020, MVT 12:48

Judicial Service Commission (JSC) on Sunday announced that steps would be taken to expedite the cases lodged at courts against child sex offenders.

According to the commission, members discussed ways to speed up the court process to ensure justice to victims of rape and sexual abuse during a meeting held on January 19.

The judicial watchdog assured that the commission will investigate reasons behind delayed hearings, in addition to replacing the Chief Judges in courts if necessary.

JSC aims to conclude this process within a week.

Moreover, the commission proposed to establish a block trial system within the judiciary to schedule hearings for such cases without delay and declared that this proposal will be submitted to the Department of Judicial Administration (DJA).

Authorities are under immense pressure from the public following the case of a two-year-old girl in Kanduhulhudhoo, Gaafu Alif Atoll, allegedly raped by three generations of fathers, which shook the country last Thursday.

Since then, many more sexual abuse cases involving children has come to light, drawing harsh criticism and backlash from the public, with many questioning the efficiency and competence of authorities and condemning them for negligence.