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PNC appoints president, elects 4 deputies

Fathmath Shaahunaz
26 April 2019, MVT 21:38
PNC's newly elected president, Abdul Raheem Abdulla (L), pictured at the party's congress on April 26, 2019. PHOTO/PNC
Fathmath Shaahunaz
26 April 2019, MVT 21:38

Opposition coalition partner People's National Congress (PNC) appointed Abdul Raheem Abdulla as its president and elected four vice presidents during the party's Congress on Friday.

Abdul Raheem, the former acting president of PNC, was the only candidate running for the post, while 137 party members took votes to elect his deputies and party council members.

PNC's newly elected vice presidents:

- Ahmed Nihan Hussain Manik (126 votes)

- Mohamed Hussain Shareef (122 votes)

- Baarah MP Ibrahim Shujau (122 votes)

- Former Minister of Economic Development Mohamed Saeed (120 votes)

Mohamed Nimal, the former managing director of Fenaka Corporation who lost the polling, received only 39 votes.

PNC amended its charter during Friday's Congress, to elect four vice presidents as opposed to the two stated in the previous charter. The vice presidents who temporarily held the posts before were Saeed and former Minister of Defence Adam Shareef.

The party further amended its charter to recognise the post of PNC's parliamentary group leader as being at the same level as a vice president.

PNC also elected 20 members to its council on Friday. However, vote counting is still underway and the party has postponed the ending ceremony to Saturday night.