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Turtle steals maiden landing on Maafaru runway

Shahudha Mohamed
09 April 2019, MVT 17:06
A green sea turtle releases her eggs on the developing Maafaru Airport. PHOTO: TWITTER
Shahudha Mohamed
09 April 2019, MVT 17:06

A green sea turtle claimed all attention on Tuesday, by laying eggs on the middle of the runway of Maafaru airport in Noonu Atoll.

According to a source on the island, the turtle made its way on the runway whilst looking for a suitable nesting spot and released her eggs directly on to the site.

Despite the unfortunate circumstances that befell the turtle mother, she is reportedly in good health and was released back into the ocean by locals.

Although some sources claim this to be the first time that this particular turtle climbed on the island, Maafaru has a long history of being a popular nesting site for hundreds of turtles.

Furthermore, it is scientifically proven that sea turtles always return to the exact location they were born for nesting purposes.

"Despite the construction of the runway, the frequency with which turtles visit the island for nesting purposes has not decreased," claimed a source from Maafaru Island Council.

Nevertheless, the incident highlights the devastating reality of habitat loss as affects mega-fauna. This particular turtle sought out a spot to lay eggs, on an island frequented by its species, only to find that her home had been compromised for a runway.

The question remains on how much of Maldives' biodiversity must be sacrificed in order to propel our country forward industrially and economically.

Meanwhile, several environmental activists continue to raise concerns on preserving the naturality of islands and atolls, with many experts leaning towards as much of a sustainable development model as possible.

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