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7 best throwback articles; The Edition’s 2018 journey

As the year 2018 draws to a close, The Edition shares feature articles that made a difference this year.

31 December 2018, MVT 13:18
Compiled illustrations of The Edition's most memorable work throughout 2018. IMAGE/THE EDITION
31 December 2018, MVT 13:18

The Edition launched early 2018, and has since brought readers several articles discussing a vast number of subjects, driving awareness via our current affairs news and reports, and hopefully drawing forth a chuckle or two with our features.

Here’s a look back at the most memorable pieces in our 2018 repertoire:

1. Falling in love with Farukolhu, by Rae Munavvar

2. The Story behind MV Victory Shipwreck, by Fathmath Shaahunaz

From Doomed Voyager to Victorious Wreckage PT I

From Doomed Voyager to Victorious Wreckage PT II

3. Isle Be Visiting Fuvahmulah, by Nafaahath Ibrahim

4. Fannuge Dharin turns 5, by Ahmed Aiham

5. Edition Talks: Finland International's Principal, Dr Eija Valanne, by Mariyam Malsa

6. Remember, remember, the 11th of November, by Shaina Abdulla

7. An Indie Crescendo: Mariyam Athif, by Lujine Rasheed

On that note, The Edition team wishes all of our readers a very happy, healthy, inspiring and hopeful New Year 2019.