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Majority reversal to MDP certain: President Solih

Mohamed Rehan
28 September 2023, MVT 17:26
President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih with Fuvahmulah City campaign team--
Mohamed Rehan
28 September 2023, MVT 17:26

President and Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) candidate Ibrahim Mohamed Solih expressed confidence in securing majority from the three southern cities.

He said that his recent campaign visits to the cities gave him the assurance owing to the strong welcome and support from the cities' residents.

The MDP candidate on Wednesday, September 27 visited Thinadhoo, Addu, and Fuvahmulah cities.

President Solih received a strong welcome at Thinadhoo with several members of The Democrats from the island officially endorsing him.

President Solih said that, unlike the first round, MDP campaign teams have been working with greater efficiency. He said that the results of these improved efforts will become evident during the runoff polls scheduled for Saturday, September 30.

"We have been moving forward cautiously. We will see major difference in voting outcome from the three cities [compared to the first round]," president Solih said.

Maldives Development Alliance (MDA), a coalition partner of the ruling party, had exited the alliance a few days ahead of the runoff polls. President Solih said he remains unfazed with MDA's decision, adding that it would not hinder MDP's victory.

"It's not in the past, but I would say that their [MDA] decision was not right, and did not come at an ample time either. There is a high possibility we may see them again soon," president Solih addressed MDA's exit.

"Our campaign will not hinder over this, and we are ready for every scenario."

While president Solih secured majority from Addu City in the first round, he expressed confidence of taking majority votes from Thinadhoo City in the runoff polls as well.

PPM took majority from Fuvahmulah City in the first round as well. President Solih said that the outcome will be reversed in the second round in favor of MDP.

Fuvahmulah City mayor Ismail Rafeeq and North-Fuvahmulah MP Mohamed Rasheed said that several supporters who were not part of the campaign during the first round have officially come out in the party's support ahead of the second round.

The city's mayor said that president Solih will secure majority votes from the island in the runoff polls. He further said that several members from The Democrats in Fuvahmulah have rallied behind president Solih.

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