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President Solih confident of election win with Addu's support

Mohamed Rehan
08 September 2023, MVT 17:15
President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih in Addu City-- Photo: Mihaaru
Mohamed Rehan
08 September 2023, MVT 17:15

President and Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) candidate Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has said he is confident of winning the presidential election with full support of Addu City.

President Solih said Addu City would be making a historic decision in the upcoming presidential election.

He made the remarks while speaking at the campaign rally held in Addu City Hithadhoo on Thursday evening, September 7.

President Solih said that the upcoming election would be a historic day for Addu City in its democratic journey, as the city's residents would be electing a government that includes their participation.

President Solih appointed Mohamed Aslam, the current North-Hithadhoo MP and one of the oldest serving MPs for Addu constituency, as his running mate for the 2023 presidential run.

At the rally, President Solih said he was fully confident of winning the election in the first round.

"Addu's long journey will culminate with a peaceful and joyous Maldives," President Solih said.

President Solih praised the residents of Addu City for their long-standing dedication to democratic reform and noted that their hard work was now paying off, with their wishes becoming a reality.

"We are going to conclude this. We are now seeing the fruits of our labor. We are now getting shade from the trees we planted earlier, and our next term would be the season of picking our harvest in Addu," president Solih said.

"We worked to implement our manifesto during [the past] five years, and today we see that from Addu. Land has been reclaimed, three resorts have been reclaimed, road redevelopment is in culmination. We have found a permanent solution for Shangri-La, and Gan Airport is developing only now. Hankede is ready to start."

President Solih also said that his administration is developing Addu City as a prime hub of commercial activities.

"We worked to implement our manifesto during the past five years, and today we see the results in Addu. Land has been reclaimed, three resorts have been established, road redevelopment is nearing completion. We have found a permanent solution for Shangri-La, and Gan Airport development is underway. Hithadhoo's development is ready to begin," President Solih said.

Pledges for Addu City

- Road redevelopment

- 1,000 housing units project

- Establish an industrial zone

- Facilitate prices of sand and aggregate from State Trading Organization (STO) at the same rates as Malé City

- Transform Addu into a modern commercial hub

- Develop eco-tourism

- Motor racing track

- Develop an indoor sports complex

- Redevelop and expand Addu Hospital

- Develop a picnic island

- Special center for marine studies

- Establish a disability management center

- Develop a children's park and outdoor gyms

- Student accommodation and expand tertiary academic opportunities

- Expand the capacity of Maldives Industrial Fisheries Company (MIFCO)

President Solih said that he was developing the city with a vision, pledging comprehensive development for Addu City. He emphasized the goal of improving living conditions for all and fulfilling the dreams of its citizens.

"Saturday's vote is very important. We are deciding whether to proceed ahead with progress, or to regress back to injustice. It is clear that Addu City has already made its decision," president Solih said.

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