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"We stand strong with president Solih - will be evident from results"

28 September 2023, MVT 17:11
The President's meeting with campaign teams in Hithadhoo
28 September 2023, MVT 17:11

Supporters of the Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) are not surprised by the party not achieving desired results across the Maldives during the first round of the presidential election. The people of Addu City who have a major share in determining the outcome of nationwide elections have faced this scenario before. However, supporters of MDP presidential candidate are confident and determined to produce results in the second round.

"Support has significantly increased as compared to the first round. The people who did not come out to vote has now joined our teams with enthusiasm. President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih will achieve a major win in this round," said a supporter of president Solih who attended the president Solih's meeting with the campaign teams in Addu City Hithadhoo.


The supporter is confident that the people of Addu, where MDP secured majority votes in the first round, will not choose another option over president Solih. The reason cited for this extensive support is the unprecedented transformation that has been brought to Addu during the last five years.

Abdulla Hussain, a member of the campaign team in Addu. He said the development brought to Addu by this government is unprecedented.

One of the mega projects implemented in Addu City is the reclaimed land. People within the campaign venue pointed to the asphalt laid roads as evidence of development brought by this government. They highlighted that previously roads would get easily flooded with a little rain, making it difficult for people to use the roads.

"There is no other leader who has done so much for Addu," said Abdulla Hussain."Maradhoo is an island where swell waves tend to flood the entire island. The currently reclaimed area is much bigger than Maradhoo. Five resorts are to be developed on reclaimed land in Addu. Work is ongoing on the Addu City Airport. We are very happy with the efforts of this government."

"The entire Addu is steadfast in their support for president Solih," he said.

Mohamed Saeed, who is actively campaigning, said that what occurred in the first round was a lower voter turnout because some believed victory was assured. He further explained that individuals aligned with The Democrats, who share the MDP ideology, have shown strong participation in the second round. He believes this increased engagement will lead to significant changes in the election results.

He believes that President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih will win by a wide margin this time. The campaign teams are ready and supporters say they do not want to stop the development of Addu City by not coming out to vote.

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