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Residents claim foul play in Villingili death

18 February 2019, MVT 19:45
Hussain Simadh who was murdered in Vilingili of Ghaaf Alifu Atoll
18 February 2019, MVT 19:45

Some residents of Villingili, Gaafu Alif Atoll, claimed that a man, who was found dead on Sunday with severe injuries, was killed in a warehouse by an electrified trap used to capture thieves.

Hailing from Hithadhoo, Addu Atoll, 36-year-old Hussain Simadh was married to a Villingili local and had resided in the island for approximately 12 years.

According to many islanders, Simadh had criminal records for illicit substance abuse and theft.

The deceased was found by a Police Officer who was patrolling the area.

While the dead body had evidence of multiple injuries, no one has yet been arrested in relation to the case.

Police only confirmed that they were investigating the matter.

Meanwhile, many residents of the island allege that he was pushed against the electrified trap and murdered.

Local media Mihaaru reported that Simadh belonged to a gang, who have been reported to the police by the caretaker of the same warehouse for many cases of burglary.

However, no measures were taken against the gang by the police.

An informant to Mihaaru stated that the warehouse was used for carpentry, and contained items worth millions of Maldivian Rufiyaa, such as metal poles, wooden boards, fibreboard and electrical equipment.

Another native of the island said that the electrified trap was set up at the warehouse due to the prevalence of thievery from the location, and that it was evident from the severe injuries sustained to Simadh’s hands, chest and neck that contact with the electrified trap had killed him.

The police previously stated that they did not view his injuries as sustained from a sharp object, but that some parts of his body displayed burn marks.

“The only possible way of entry into the warehouse necessitates removal of a tin sheet. There is only one direction to enter”, said a local of the island, speculating that while Simadh was making his entry, he may have hit his head or neck, suffering severe burns causing him to fall and die.

According to some natives of the island, Simadh was arrested previously over breaking into Bank of Maldives (BML) Villingili Branch.

While 11 people were arrested and MVR 14 million recovered in the BML Villingili Branch case, locals of the island claim that MVR 3 million remains to be found.

All the culprits arrested in the incident were released due to a court order.