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Former Supreme Court judge Didi appointed as legal counsel at President's Office

Former Judge at the Supreme Court, who was dismissed over serious allegations of bribery activities has been appointed to the position of legal counsel at the President's Office.

Aishath Shuba Solih
24 April 2024, MVT 06:31
Judicial Service Commission (JSC)'s public hearing of former Supreme Court Judge Abdulla Didi. -- Photo: Nishan Ali / Mihaaru News
Aishath Shuba Solih
24 April 2024, MVT 06:31

Former judge at the Supreme Court, Abdulla Didi (Didi) has been appointed to the position of Legal Counsel at the President's Office.

Abdulla Didi, who was dismissed from his position as a Judge by the decision of Judicial Service Commission (JSC) following evidence connecting him to a large bribery case, was appointed to the position of legal counsel at a State Ministerial standard.

While he has been appointed to this position, the bribery case against him remains unclosed at the Prosecutor General's office even at present.

As reported by Mihaaru News, a media official of the office shared with Mihaaru that a case against Abdulla Didi connected to the Maldives Marketing and Public Relations Corporation (MMPRC) bribery case remains lodged and deliberations are ongoing on whether charges will be enforced.

Investigation into the cases filed against Abdulla Didi at the JSC was begun shortly after the former President, Abdulla Yameen's tenure concluded. Abdulla Didi had also served as Chief Judge at High Court. He was hired at the Supreme Court after two vacancies opened up on the judges' bench following the controversial February 1 verdict by the court mandating the release of imprisoned political leaders during the final year of Yameen's administration.

JSC had submitted an appeal to the parliament to dismiss Abdulla Didi with serious allegation against him. With 72 votes in favor of his dismissal, Didi was dismissed from his position at the JSC, marking this the first instance of a Supreme Court judge laid off by the power of parliament.

He departed to Malaysia soon after police investigations were commenced into his case and remained there until recently. As known by Mihaaru News, he has returned to the country following the administration change.

The weightiest accusation against Abdulla Didi is that of accepting bribery distributed by the individuals implicated in the case of USD 90 million theft from MMPRC in exchange for altering the verdict. He had denied these allegations, insisting that he had never once committed any criminal activity.

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