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Air pollution: Distant visibility to falls by 60 percent

Malika Shahid
01 February 2023, MVT 13:45
[File] The Maldives experiences lower visibility from the end of last year
Malika Shahid
01 February 2023, MVT 13:45

The Maldives is experiencing air pollution and visibility has dropped by 60 percent yesterday.

According to a statement issued by Maldives Meteorological Service (MET Office), most parts of the country are experiencing generally northerly winds, while in the central and northern atolls, the air has become polluted and the distance visibility has decreased.

Although the visibility is normally more than 10 km, the visibility has dropped to an average of four km since 7 am yesterday, especially in the central provinces, which is a 60 percent decrease.

"Wind direction, speed and rainfall play an important role in the decrease in distance visibility," the agency said.

The Maldives generally observed low visibility during the northeast monsoon (dry season). Air pollution in the Himalayan region of northern India has caused severe haze in Maldives since late last year.

Precautionary measures

- Less outdoor activities for patients with allergies, chronic coronary and pulmonary diseases

- Pregnant women, elderly citizens, and children to spend less time outdoors

- Using face masks outside

- Close all doors or windows in residences

- Reduce outdoor exercises and sports

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