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After exploring nearby waters, Team camps at Emboodhoo Lagoon

After a losing battle with rising winds, the team was forced to take a Dhoni to Emboodoo but is determined to make up for the lost time and distance throughout or at the end of the trip.

22 February 2019, MVT 12:48
Sunset at Emboodoo Lagoon, where the Stand Up For Our Seas team set up camp for the night. PHOTO: JAMES APPLETON PhOTOGRAPHY / STAND UP FOR OUR SEAS
22 February 2019, MVT 12:48

The four ladies representing 'Stand Up For Our Seas' faced difficulty in arriving at their next destination, an uninhabited island located in Emboodoo Lagoon on Thursday evening.

Once the scorching heat of the afternoon had subsided, the team attempted to get back out onto the water but found that the wind had picked up throughout the day and was now gusting at over 20 knots in the opposite direction.

After several attempts, as Stand Up Paddleboards are particularly vulnerable to wind, the fight was determined to be futile and carried far too much risk of danger and injury.

Hence, the team was forced to make the remaining short distance via Dhoni, which is tasked with following the paddles to ensure safety.

"We hope to make up for lost time and distance in the next couple of days", assured Dr. Claire Petros, who is leading the event.

(From Left) Dr. Cal Major, Dhafeena Hassan, Dr. Claire Petros and Shaziya Saeed take off from Coco Palm Dhuni Kolhu to Thulhadhoo Island. PHOTO: STAND UP FOR OUR SEAS

Brimful of excellent food courtesy of main sponsor Coco Collection, specifically Coco Palm Dhuni Kolhu where the team embarked from, the team remains positive about the journey.

The team's next stop is sent to be Vakkaru Island, the home of luxury resort Vakkaru Maldives.

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