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New type of drug smuggled into Maldives

Anaan Bushry
16 November 2022, MVT 12:54
New type of drugs seized in Maldives -- Photo: Customs
Anaan Bushry
16 November 2022, MVT 12:54

Maldives Customs Service seized a new type of drug smuggled into Maldives.

Customs found the drug; methorphan while inspecting a box posted through courier from Bahrain.

Officials claim that after finding a suspicious substances within the package, they conducted a more thorough investigation.

The substance found inside the package were inspected on September 17 and had tested positive for Methorphan, according to Customs.

"This is the first time that drugs of this type have been seized while being attempted to be smuggled into Maldives," the agency said in a statement.

The investigation led to seizing 604.50 grams of drugs. Customs said the items were handed over to the police.

Drug smuggled into the Maldives through courier has increased significantly. Additionally, customs have seized a significant amount of various other drugs in recent times.

Health Minister Ahmed Naseem said late last year that meth, which is made from a combination of addictive substances, is freely available and heavily used in the Maldives.

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