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Hotel Resilient awards Kaimoo Resorts in Maldives 'Gold' ranking for COVID safety

05 January 2021, MVT 15:04
From left to right: Pictured above are three of Kaimoo properties in Maldives, Equator Village in Addu Atoll, Summer Island Maldives in North Male' Atoll and Embudu Village Maldives in South Male' Atoll. PHOTO: KAIMOO / THE EDITION
05 January 2021, MVT 15:04

Kaimoo Resorts and Hotels announced, on Tuesday, that all three of their properties were awarded a Gold Certificate for their health, safety and hygiene measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Summer Island Maldives, Embudu Village, and Equator Village were certified as such by international organisation Hotel Resilient, in December 2020.

"I am delighted to receive Gold Certification for our resorts. It demonstrates the safety of our properties, and the effectiveness of the COVID measures we put in place upon re-opening", said Kaimoo Managing Director Manih Ahmed.

He added, "Guests can [now] have peace of mind that it is safe to holiday in the Maldives at our resorts".

The three resorts, located in North Male' Atoll, South Male’ Atoll and Addu Atoll respectively, were scored and assessed in terms of active measures in place to counter the spread of the novel coronavirus.

These include protocols to protect guests as well as staff, beginning from cleaning procedures, other hygiene measures, implementation of physical distancing, plans for treating an infected person.

The Gold Certificate is the highest certificate issued by Hotel Resilient. According to the organization, the score is indicative of a resort’s exemplary policies and protocols to keep guests and staff safe.

Summer Island Maldives, Embudu Village, and Equator Village re-opened in September, introducing rigorous health and hygiene measures to counter COVID-19.

At present, all three resorts are owned and operated by the Maldivian-led tourism company, which is based in Male’.