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Edition Stays: Weekend at Pebbles Inn (S.Hithadhoo)

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Fathmath Shaahunaz
23 January 2020, MVT 08:49
Edition Stays: Weekend at Pebbles Inn (S.Hithadhoo). VIDEO: HAWWA AMANY ABDULLA / THE EDITION
Fathmath Shaahunaz
23 January 2020, MVT 08:49

The resplendent island of Hithadhoo can be described as the ‘pulse’ of the heart-shaped Addu Atoll, lying at the southernmost end of the Maldives. For the inquisitive, adventurous visitor seeking all the thrills that Addu City has to offer, the charming Pebbles Inn is the perfect lodge to hit up.


A 20-minute ride from Gan to Hithadhoo,

Reaching Pebbles Inn takes a couple of stops, but the scenic 90-minute flight from Velana International Airport to Gan International Airport, followed by a 20-minute cab ride, teasing sneak peaks at the connected islands of Gan, Maradhoo, Feydhoo and finally Hithadhoo, are absolutely worth it. Situated right on Addu City’s famed Link Road, along the eastern coast of Hithadhoo, Pebbles Inn is on the edge of a tropical skyline set against a backdrop of the shimmering southern sea.

Style & Character

Pebbles Inn is a striking, contemporary building with a gorgeous view of the southern seas. PHOTO: HAWWA AMANY ABDULLA / THE EDITION

Stylish and modern with a white facade, Pebbles Inn is a three-storey bed-and-breakfast with the aura of a boutique hotel. From the lobby and dining area, to the rooms and hallways, the interior is minimalistic and easy on the eyes, with dark furnishings to offset the pale decor. With spacious balconies on every floor basking in the equatorial sun, the hotel exudes vibes of contemporary life in the tropics, with magnificent views of blue-meets-blue horizon interrupted by a smattering of uninhabited isles.


The guest house has 14 rooms, with your choice of Twin or Deluxe. Fully air-conditioned, the rooms are cozy with wooden furnishings, en-suite bathrooms, and delightful balcony views of the sea. They come equipped with a variety of amenities, including toiletry kits, bath towels, hair dryer, LCD TV, mini bar, closet, vanity table and complimentary drinking water. Pebbles Inn also provides free Wi-Fi for the guests. Price: $$$ (Full Board)

Service & Facilities

The staff at Pebbles Inn take pride in their personalised services, always ready and accommodating with a smile! PHOTO: HAWWA AMANY ABDULLA / THE EDITION

Pebbles Inn provides airport pick-ups and drop-offs for the guests, who are welcomed with fresh face towels and iced drinks at the check-in. The guest house crafts experience-focussed itineraries to guide visitors through the bountiful beauty and rich history of Addu, but even the more autonomous traveller can turn to the attentive staff, who will kindly point you in the right direction. Rental bicycles and motorbikes are available to enjoy breezy rides around Hithadhoo or venture into the other islands connected by the Addu Link Road. The guest house also offers quick and reliable laundry services.

Recreational Activities

Enjoy excursions to Addu Nature Park, where adventure awaits among mangroves teeming with life. PHOTO: HAWWA AMANY ABDULLA / THE EDITION

Addu Atoll is an adventurer’s dream and Pebbles Inn is perfectly geared up to take you along on an exciting ride. The guesthouse offers guided tours of Addu City, from prominent historical sites to locations of astounding beauty. Visitors can go island hopping, exploring the unique sites of the four connected islands - Hithadhoo, Feydhoo, Maradhoo and Gan - which make up Addu City. The exploration is not limited to the populated islands; guests can take excursions to nearby uninhabited isles, to enjoy pristine sandy beaches and untouched wonders beneath the waves.

A trip to Addu Nature Park, which encompasses the protected Koattey area in Hithadhoo, will always stand out in your memory. It ensues everything from canoeing in picturesque mangrove lakes, birdwatching, and snorkelling in the surrounding house reef.


Venture beyond Hithadhoo to explore the unparalleled underwater beauty of Addu. The atoll boasts some of the best dive spots in Maldives, and guests can enjoy snorkelling among magnificents reefs such as Kohere, or go scuba diving at famed sites such as the Manta Point.

For a more chilled out oceanic adventure, Pebbles Inn offers special sunset cruises; a dolphin cruise where you can meet playful pods out on the waves, and a fishing excursion, where you can try your hand at angling, all the while absorbing the good vibes of a glorious tropical sunset. Afterwards, you can enjoy your catch at a private barbecue, fresh off the grill!

Food & Drink

Mouthwatering breakfast spread at Pebbles Inn. PHOTO: HAWWA AMANY ABDULLA / THE EDITION

As a bed-and-breakfast, Pebbles Inn strives to impress with its sumptuous morning buffet, served in the hotel’s cosy dining area just off the lobby. The spread caters to both local and western tastes, but if you were to ask, the chef will always recommend the Maldivian-style breakfast of ‘mashuni’ and ‘roshi’. A specialty of Pebbles Inn, the mashuni is “to die for”, and eagerly requested by repeat visitors.

Pebbles Inn also provides lunch and dinner by prior arrangement, and the meals can be customised according to the guests’ preference. However, a trip to the Maldives is not complete without trying out local cuisine. On request, the guest house is happy to arrange traditional meals for guests at local houses, where they can experience the renowned Maldivian hospitality.

Pebbles Inn, Hithadhoo, 19020, Addu City, Maldives

+ 960 688 0660