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Banyan Tree marks 25 years with 25% reduction of single-use plastics

Fathmath Shaahunaz
23 April 2019, MVT 11:09
Volunteers mark the end of a beach clean-up. PHOTO/ANGSANA VELAVARU
Fathmath Shaahunaz
23 April 2019, MVT 11:09

Renowned hospitality chain Banyan Tree Hotels & Resorts celebrated its 25th Anniversary and Earth Day 2019 on Monday, with over 25 percent group-wide reduction of single-use plastics in a year.

The Group announced the pledge against single-use plastics last year, in support of Earth Day 2018's theme 'End Plastic Pollution'. In a press release on Monday, the brand noted that within a year, relevant changes in accordance with the pledge were made across its 48 hotels worldwide, successfully eliminating 4.2 million single-use plastic items, equating 26 percent reduction in total usage.

Noting that 80 percent of ocean plastic pollution originates from land and its detrimental effects on the marine life and environment, Banyan Tree stated that it implemented a plan for all its properties to phase out the use of disposable plastics.

Over the past year, the Group strategically reduced the use of 31 commonly used plastic products, particularly one million plastic bags (28 percent), 1.3 million plastic straws (51 percent) which were replaced with paper, steel and bamboo straws, 1.28 million plastic bottles (28 percent water bottles and 63 percent soft drink bottles), cocktail stirrers (58 percent) and plastic-wrapped minibar items (72 percent).

The Group’s lifestyle retail arm, Banyan Tree Gallery, is also developing sustainable alternatives for amenities such as cotton buds, combs and toothbrushes, which will be launched within this year. Banyan Tree further noted that their reformulated body and aromatherapy products are made of 95 percent natural, sustainably sourced botanical ingredients.

“This is a positive first step in the right direction, considering the magnitude of Banyan Tree Hotels & Resorts’ ultimate plastic-free goal. The hospitality and tourism industry as a whole is a major consumer of this planet’s resources, often providing one-time use products on mass scales. Looking at the links between human activities, plastic pollution and biodiversity loss with environment degradation, this presents a unique opportunity for our Group to impact and drive change on global plastic consumption amongst our stakeholders especially the suppliers", said Dr Steve Newman, Assistant Vice President/Group Sustainability Director.

"As a pioneer with ongoing stewardship in sustainability, the Group remains committed to our pledge to eliminate single-use plastic and continues to embed climate change within our sustainability efforts and projects”.

Banyan Tree added that this year, in line with Earth Day 2019's theme 'Protect Our Species', the brand is reinforcing its efforts to safeguard the natural environment and biodiversity, highlighting that several of its properties are located in eco-sensitive and protected areas.

In celebration of Banyan Tree's silver jubilee, the brand promoted a 25th Anniversary “Exceptional Experiences” Celebratory Offer, which includes the choice of a complimentary Exceptional Experience to celebrate the community with a sustainable activity. With 25 percent savings on rooms, food and beverage, Spa and Gallery retail, guests will be invited to participate in the anniversary group-wide sustainability activities from tree planting, school projects to community home visits.