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Edition Stays: Weekend at Veyli Residence (Fuvahmulah)

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Nafaahath Ibrahim
22 April 2019, MVT 10:47
Edition Stays: Weekend at Veyli Residence. VIDEO: HAWWA AMAANY ABDULLA / THE EDITION
Nafaahath Ibrahim
22 April 2019, MVT 10:47

Located in the heart of Fuvahmulah, Veyli Residence is perfect for holidaymakers who want to experience the only one-island atoll in Maldives.


There are two ways to reach Fuvahmulah. The first is a 1 hour 10 minute flight from Velana International Airport, followed by a ten-minute drive to Veyli Residence.10-minute

Aerial view of the famous Fuvahmulah Thundi. PHOTO: VILU PHOTOGRAPHY

The second option is to travel from Sri Lankan Airways to Gan International Airport and then a 45-minute speedboat ride to Fuvahmulah. Both options are sure to give enchanting views of the Maldives.

The guesthouse is about 5km from Fuvahmulah's own airport, and at the very centre of the island.

Style & Character

The four-star boutique residence comprises of a two-storey building featuring cosy but modern decor.

Veyli Residence in Fuvahmulah. PHOTO: HAWWA AMAANY ABDULLA / THE EDITION

The property is surrounded by a lush garden, home to trees large enough to shade the entire front yard.


While there are a total of 10 rooms, guests can choose what best fits their needs from four accommodation options.

There are four types of rooms; Superior Double room, Deluxe Double room, Executive Suite and the Family room.


You can enjoy free Wi-Fi, tea and coffee facilities, mini bar, free toiletries, Terry dressing gowns, air conditioning and TV from every type of room. Some of the units even feature a patio to relax in.

Services & Facilities

Upon arrival, the attentive staff of Veyli Residence greet you with fresh coconuts to sip from. They take extra care to ensure all your needs are met.

Unlike most islands in Maldives, Fuvahmulah is quite large in size and it is hard to get around on foot. To make your explorations more convenient, Veyli offers both car hire services and free bicycle rental, for solo and family adventures, exploring the island.

Recreational activities

For adventure lovers, Fuvahmulah offers endless options, and Veyli Residence will guide you through it all.

The island is well known for its natural beauty and greenery, boasting two freshwater lakes and plenty of wetlands. Sightseeing is never dull in this gorgeous island.

An aerial view of Dhadimagi Kilhi in Fuvahmulah. PHOTO: VILU PHOTOGRAPHY

Quite a lot of tradition is also preserved in this island, far removed from the rest of Maldives. Some of the best virgin coconut oil is made in Fuvahmulah and fans of the product can catch a glimpse of the process of either heating or cold-pressing the oil. If you wish, it is possible to visit traditional medicine practitioners for alternative cures, and lucky visitors may stumble upon further displays of age-old cultural craftsmanship.

The beauty of this atoll-island is not just limited to land, but it extends into the deep blues as well.

Home to the renowned tigershark point, dive sights in this area is most definitely on the bucket list of divers.

Additionally, the swells in Fuvahmulah are a dream as well as a challenge for surfers, suitable for beginners and pros alike.

A surfer braving the infamous waves of Fuvahmulah. PHOTO: HAWWA AMAANY ABDULLA

Just a weekend is barely enough to take in all that is Fuvahmulah.

Food & Drink

Veyli Residence's in-house kitchen aims to cater to all your culinary desires and will prepare ala carte meals just for you, in addition to regular buffet-style spreads.

A lunch spread served in Veyli Residence garden. PHOTO: HAWWA AMAANY ABDULLA / THE EDITION

Delicious and full of flavour, the presentation of Veyli's culinary offerings are enticing as well!

There is an outdoor dining area for you to get the very best of both food and view, as well as a balcony area that is perfect for a nightcap!

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