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FIFA demands FAM settle over MVR 600k to former coach

Mohamed Rehan
14 September 2022, MVT 15:27
FAM President Bassam Adeel Jalee (R) with former coach of women's national football team Davour Barber (R)-- Photo: FAM
Mohamed Rehan
14 September 2022, MVT 15:27

The International Federation of Association Football (FIFA) orders Football Association of Maldives (FAM) to settle an outstanding payment of approximately MVR 600,000 (USD39,000) to a former football coach.

The international football federation has ordered FAM to settle the payment for Davour Barber, the former coach of Maldivian women's national football squad. Davour had pursued a lawsuit through FIFA, claiming settlement of six months of balance payment during his tenure.

Following a probe, FIFA's Player Status Chamber on August 16, ordered FAM to settle the balance payment for Davour from January 2022 until July 2022.

Davour signed on as women's national team's coach in January 2022, while his contractual term was not disclosed by FAM. Davour's agent, South Korean originated PNJ Corporation claimed FAM contracted the coach until January 2023.

"We cannot disclose the exact outstanding payment, since confidentiality of this has been enforced through the contract's provisions," an official from PNJ commented.

However, it was recently discovered that FIFA demanded to settle over USD35,000 (approximately MVR539,700) to Davour. The settlement in monthly terms is more than Davour's monthly salary of USD5,000.

FAM was ordered to settle the outstanding payment under 45 days, while delays in paying is subject to deduction from the development fund disbursed to the local football association.

Under the tutelage of Davour, the women's national team played a total of three games. This included series matches earlier in February 2022.

Maldives emerged with a 1-0 victory against the first game while the team faced defeat in the latter games against both Saudi Arabia and Seychelles.

Meanwhile, the team is currently managed by Ahmed Shareef, as the acting coach - the technical director of the team. The team is currently competing at the SAFF Championship games held in Nepal.

Maldives had played three matches so far, all with losses. The team faced a 0-7 defeat at the hands of Pakistan on Tuesday evening's game, as well.

The team went against India during the previous game on Saturday, September 10. Maldives came off the pitch with a 0-9 loss against India. Maldives further endured defeat against Bangladesh during Wednesday's game with 0-3 loss.

Davour is not the first instance of FAM ordered to settle outstanding payment. Earlier, the association was ordered to settle outstanding payments to the former coach of the senior men's national team.

Rene Hidinck, who previously acted as the senior team's coach and latter as the under 23 national team's coach, was awarded USD187,375 (approx. MVR2.9 million) in damages. FAM had reportedly breached its contractual terms agreed with the coach.

Additionally, FIFA demanded FAM to settle USD180,000 in damages to former head coach Martin Coopman. The association was once again found liable for breach of contractual duty.

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